2023 Recycling Schedule

Our recycling program follows the Wyoming County Recycling Center’s guidelines. Recycling is a separate program from our garbage programs. Please visit wycopa.org/recycling/ for the recycling information. We are a transport-only program. All recycling must be sorted and cleaned prior to pick up. They must be in clear plastic bags and cardboard must remain dry to be accepted. Any recycling not acceptable at the recycling center will be charged as bags of trash.

Please be aware that if you live in Wyoming County, you may drop off recycling for free at the Wyoming County Recycling Center. Some Townships do have drop-off services for township residents.

*All dates are subject to change due to weather and manpower. If dates should change, customers will be contacted ahead of time.

Monday Recycling

January 9th & 21stJuly 3rd & 17th
February 6th & 22ndAugust 7th & 21st
March 6th & 20thSeptember 6th & 18th
April 3rd & 17thOctober 2nd & 16th
May 1st & 15thNovember 6th & 20th
June 5th & 19thDecember 4th & 18th

Wednesday Recycling

January 4th & 18thJuly 5th & 19th
February 1st & 15thAugust 2nd & 16th
March 8th & 22ndSeptember 6th & 20th
April 5th & 19thOctober 4th & 18th
May 3rd & 17thNovember 1st & 15th
June 7th & 21stDecember 6th & 20th

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