Wyoming County Curbside Recycling

You can make a difference!

Individual or Communities

Call today to start curbside pick up – 570-833-0388

All recycling goes to the Wyoming County Recycling Centerrecycling-1341372_960_720

Wyoming County Recycling Center
Phone 570-836-0729

Acceptable Materials

  • Plastic-Only Bottle and Jars that are Numbered 1 & 2 on Bottom
  • Clear and Brown Glass Beverage and Food Containers
  • Tin Cans-Must be Clean; Labels can be left on
  • Aluminum Cans/Pie Pans
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Newspapers and Brown Paper Bags
  • Magazines – Stapled and Glue Binded are acceptable
  • Office Paper – White ledger and white computer paper (please place these items in a separate bag from other recyclables)

Unacceptable Materials

  • Plastic lids and caps must be thrown away, No plastic tubs or trays, no plastic toys, furniture or buckets
  • No green glass, no lids, no dishes, no light bulbs, no cups or window panes
  • No dirty, rusty tin cans, or aerosol cans
  • No aluminum foil please
  • No chipboard please! Example: cereal boxes, no styrofoam, no plastic and no wax cardboard
  • No junk mail or wet newspapers
  • No Carbon paper, no envelopes with plastic windows, no construction paper or junk mail.

Business recycling – call us for details on your specific recycling needs!